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DOGCOM Lipo battery Review: 1380mAh 160C 6S 22.2V – MCK EDITION

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The 6S 1380mAh 160C MCK edition of the new LiPo battery released by Dogcom;

For me, the most important thing I look for when choosing a LiPo battery for FPV is the safety performance and the discharge C- Rating, because it will determine how violent my FPV drone will be when flying.

I’ve used the dogcom lipo battery 6S 1380mAh 160C MCK at various flying sites to see if it’s worth the money……

What is a lithium battery for model aircraft?

Lithium battery: Lithium battery is a type of battery made of lithium metal or lithium alloy as positive/negative materials and using non-aqueous electrolyte solution.

Model aircraft lithium battery: lithium-ion polymer battery production process generally uses laminated soft packaging, so the size change is very flexible and convenient, the model is relatively more. Relative to the previous battery: high energy, miniaturization and lightweight, is the chemical nature of the battery.

If you want to get a full understanding of the battery parameters, you can read this article:Complete Guide to Learning LiPo batteries For Beginners

Capacity Parameters

The unit of capacity is generally mAh-milliampere hour, which means the battery can be discharged with a certain current to maintain one unit of hour, if 1000 milliampere hours means the battery can be discharged with a current of 1000 milliamps for one hour. And so on.

The discharge of the battery is not linear, but the discharge time of the battery at low current is always longer than the discharge time at high current, so we can approximate the discharge time of the battery at other currents.

C- Rating

C indicates the discharge rate of the battery cell, the ratio between the current and the capacity released according to the nominal capacity of the battery. For example, if a 2000mAh battery is 50C, then the maximum current is 2000/1000*50=100A (amps).

If you know that the maximum discharge current of this battery is 100A, you can calculate that the maximum discharge C number of this battery is 50 (C).

In FPV are generally used in the high rate of discharge C – Rating of batteries, generally can be about 100c-150c. The higher the C-Rating, the higher the instantaneous discharge current of the battery.

Of course, there are also higher requirements for materials and processes, so generally speaking, the same capacity of the battery, the larger the c-rating cost, the more expensive the price.

Note: The nominal C rating of FPV lithium batteries generally refers to the instantaneous discharge rate rather than the continuous discharge rate and are theoretical values.

Dogcom lipo battery -6s 1380mAh 160c

Price €44.90 


– Capacity: 1380mAh
– Configuration: 22.2V / 6S1P / 6 Cells
– Continuous Discharge Rate: 160C
– Burst Discharge Rate: 300C
– Dimensions: 80mm length x 39mm Width x 36mm Height 
– Weight: about  229g
– Charge Plug: JST-XHR
– Discharge Plug: XT60


dogcom lipo battery 6s 160C unbox

DOGCOM supplies a yellow box with a 6S 1380mAh 150C Lipo Battery – MCK Edition

Yes, it is that easy out of the box.

The Design

It looks the same as the v1.0 version except for the battery specifications.

The battery is protected against punctures by the cleats, which are used to protect the most vulnerable sides of the battery in the event of FPV damage.

The battery connection uses the original Amass XT60 connector, and the XT60 interface is the standard interface for 4-6s high capacity model batteries, with a maximum stable through current of 60A. Therefore the XT30 has a maximum stable through current of 30A.

dogcom lipo battery 6s 160C plug-XT60


Dogcom MCK 2.0 160C 1380 mAh 6s battery, its capacity is 1380mAh, compared to the capacity of 1550mah.

This capacity range and volume of relative control are more balanced, the size is just right to use on the 5 inch. If you play 3.5 inch cinewhoop can also be compatible.

What is the difference between MCK Edition 1.0 and 2.0?

Version Capacity Voltage C-Rating Size Weight
MCK V1.0 1380mAh 6S 150C 38x38x78mm 223g
MCK V2.0 160C 36x39x81mm 229g

The 2.0 version of MCK 160C 1380 mAh 6s dogcom battery is almost the same size as the previous generation, but the discharge C-Rating is increased from 150C to 160C, and the weight is about 6g heavier.

The higher the discharge C-Rating for FPV players, it means that the instantaneous acceleration of the aircraft at full throttle is more explosive, especially in fpv racing is particularly important.

Therefore, the current FPV racing batteries will basically be around a 150C discharge multiplier, which is one of the key indicators for racing players.

Battery voltage levels

charging lipo battery

When using the professional charger M6DAC to charge this battery, I found that its internal resistance consistency performance is good, the six cells are controlled within 4-5 milliohms, and the voltage balance error of the battery is also very small, controlled to the third decimal place, this voltage level should be considered very balanced.

Who is this lipo battery designed for?

If you’re looking for a powerful FPV LiPo for racing, then this is for you.

It has almost everything you expect from a racing battery, the only drawback is that you have to buy a few more LiPo’s and the price gets expensive.

We recommend it especially for those who like to race.


When considering which battery to use with your FPV racing drone, the DOGCOM lipo battery may be one of your best options.


With over 4 years of experience working with drones and fpv and Item Training Manager. Ian West is known around the workplace as one of them technical professionals & actual an "FPV crazy person".

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