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Ovonic Battery 6s 1350mAh 150C Review

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Introducing the Ovonic Battery 6S 1350mAh 150C – a powerhouse for your FPV needs.

In this review, we delve into the performance and features of this high-capacity battery, designed to deliver exceptional power and endurance. With a robust 150C discharge rating, this battery offers an impressive burst of energy for intense flights.

We’ll explore its durability, safety features, and compatibility with various FPV setups. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or an aerial photographer, join us as we discover the capabilities of the Ovonic 6S Lithium Battery 1350mAh 150C and see how it can take your FPV experience to new heights.

The most important factor when choosing FPV batteries

Recently, I conducted a market survey focusing on the deciding factors for FPV lithium battery selection, and I have received some data feedback.

factor when choosing fpv batteries

Among all the factors influencing FPV lithium battery selection, the price of the battery emerged as the most important concern for consumers, followed closely by safety performance and durability. Discharge C rating ranked fourth in importance.

Based on the above user research data, we can conclude that modelers prioritize finding the best balance between budget considerations (price and durability) when selecting batteries. Safety performance is also highly valued. Interestingly, the battery brand received the fewest votes, suggesting that pilots prioritize their experience with the product over brand loyalty.

In other words, as long as a battery performs well, even if it is from a lesser-known brand, it can still earn recognition from users.

This is a realistic wake-up call for battery manufacturers. If their products aren’t up to par, it’s only a matter of time before they’re overshadowed by competitors in the marketplace. Only by focusing wholeheartedly on producing high quality batteries can manufacturers earn the trust and preference of pilots.

Ovonic 6S Lipo Battery_04

Ovonic 6s 1350mAh 150C Lipo Battery Review


– Brand : Ovonic
– Chemistry : Li-polymer
– Length(dev.5mm) : 78mm
– Width(dev.2mm) : 39mm
– Height(dev.2mm) : 41mm
– Capacity : 1350mAh
– Voltage : 22.2V
– Cell Number : 6S1P
– Discharge Rate : 150C
– Max Burst Discharge Rate : 300C
– Net Weight(dev.20g) : 224g
– Connector Type :XT60 Plug
– Balance Connector Type : JST-XH


$27.87 at Flysmart Digi


Inside the box, along with the battery, you’ll find two eye-catching Ovonic branded stickers to add a touch of flair to your equipment.

Also included is a comprehensive paper manual that provides detailed instructions on battery charging and discharging precautions, as well as recommended storage methods. This manual is especially valuable for beginners, as it provides helpful guidelines for optimal battery usage.

Ovonic 6S Lipo Battery_02

Closer look

Ditching the traditional green design, the ovonic battery label features a vibrant orange color scheme against a sleek black background, exuding a professional and dynamic aesthetic.

The battery is equipped with the widely recognized XT60 connector from the industry-leading Amass brand. This connector choice is preferred by many manufacturers for its reliable performance.

The power cord section uses 12AWG wire, known for its ability to handle high currents without generating excessive heat. This ensures stable and efficient power delivery, enhancing the overall safety and performance of the battery.

Ovonic 6S Lipo Battery_03

The back of the battery has clear voltage capacity guidelines, with a highlighted note indicating a maximum charge voltage of 25.2V. Users are advised to set the appropriate charge cut-off voltage on their RC charger.

It should be noted, however, that the battery does not come with a lead protector for the balance connector, leaving the battery plug vulnerable to damage in the event of a drop or collision with an object. Taking precautions to protect the balance connector is critical to the overall integrity of the drone.

Real flight test

During testing, the temperature was around 0 degrees, and I flew the drone according to my usual flying style, with a few maneuvers and occasional climbs. With a smooth descent at 3.5 volts, the battery provided a consistent flight time of 6 minutes, which is within the standard range.

The impressive 150C discharge C rating proved its ability to provide instant power during maneuvers without any noticeable drag or performance issues. It’s possible that the freshness of the battery contributed to this positive experience. Overall, the flight experience was satisfying, and I look forward to using this battery for extended periods in the future, confident in its performance and reliability.


With an impressive discharge rate of 150C, this battery delivers a significant burst of power, ensuring fast and responsive performance during intense RC activities. The 1350mAh capacity provides a balance between flight time and weight, making it suitable for a range of applications from racing drones to high performance RC cars.

While no product is without its limitations, the Ovonic 6S 1350mAh 150C LiPo battery offers exceptional value for its price.

Either way, the Ovonic 6S 1350mAh 150C LiPo battery is an excellent choice for those looking for a high performance power solution.

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