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We believe that fpv fun can truly inspire a person.

FPV TO GO was founded by Walter,I was introduced to fpv drones in 2019 and have since fallen completely。I still remember my first fpv kit: eachine x220hv。I learned to assemble, debug, and fly。I understand I have more fpv journeys to go.

About_First FPV KIT

After what I saw and experienced during my 2 year fpv journey, I decided to create a personal website FPV TO GO in 2022 to help other fpv drone pilots, to teach the lessons my learned along the way. At FPV TO GO, we specially handpick and curate with the best fpv beginners guide to make it possible for you to have an experience of a fpv good time.


Our goal is to FPV TO GO becomes one of the most popular fpv blogs on the web. Help newbie pilots get into the sport, and inspire the world to get out on two.

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