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FPV drones offer you an immersive drone flying experience, imagine that you are almost “sitting” inside the drone looking at the world in front of you. That’s FPV. But on the other hand, beginners who are just jumping into the FPV have no idea what FPV means. But don’t worry, that’s why I wrote this guide – What is a fpv drone!

You can read in this post, I will describe the history of FPV, what FPV is and how it works in several parts so you can understand it.

The History of FPV Development

FPV is an increasingly popular form of remote control (RC) flying in recent years. There is currently an article about the history of FPV published online by an pilot:CurryKitten. You can check out “The History of FPV” Article.

In the article he mentions that Cyber-Flyer was also the first person to use the term FPV sometime around 2002-2003,the man responsible for getting a huge amount of people into the FPV hobby –is  Denis “VRFlyer” Gratton.the most primitive first view flight footage only started to be available in 2006. Of course, there was no concept of FPV multi-copter back then. And the real prototype of FPV was in 2009 by the Massachusetts RC groups member, signguy posted a build thread on how to build a Tricopter. After that they kept optimizing and iterating.

The FPV multi-copter with stable control and flight graphics was built in 2011 with DJI’s Naza v1 flight controller for the F450 or F550 multi-copters. The FPV pilots continue to join, and according to statistics, there are now more than 100,000 FPV drone fans worldwide.

What Is a FPV Drone?

The full name of FPV is First Person View. When you put on FPV goggles, you can get realistic and live flight footage. Get An immersive experience. fpv can traverse obstacles in tight spaces. It is also able to keep up with the speed of race cars and sports cars. This is something that traditional drones cannot do. It’s the sense of speed and first view experience, this view is free and unlimited roll, is the core of FPV.

what is a fpv drone

How Does FPV Work?

FPV drones are very similar to traditional drones in the way they operate. The difference with FPV is that you need to DIY assemble or buy RTF kits and then transmit the images to your FPV glasses or other screens through the FPV cameras. the operation of FPV drones is also very free, you can do racing or freestyle, it all depends on you.

what is a fpv drone

Benefits of Playing FPV?

Do you want to use FPV to complete a racing car or sports car chase footage, or even 8 seconds through the clouds. Or maybe you just want to use it to pass the boring time. The attraction to jump into FPV may be just a moment that seems to require only a push.

FPV Use Scenarios

  • Film and TV shooting, I believe you should have seen it.
  • Live performance
  • Race events
  • Education and teaching
  • Business Ads

FPV use scenarios

It is worth noting that FPV can be far from the pilot’s line of sight, and the safety of using FPV aircraft depends entirely on the pilot’s skills. That’s why some countries have issued some laws and regulations for FPV, with the aim of ensuring safe flight and reducing property damage and accidents. Details can be found here.


①Although FPV flight height is low, the airspace requirements are not high, but the flight environment requirements are high, both to avoid dense crowds, but also to prevent the surrounding signal interference, it is recommended to choose an open field to practice. Get familiar with the characteristics of FPV and have a certain basis for flight, and then choose the relatively complex environment of the field flight.

②FPV requires you to learn mechanical engineering knowledge, and please give enough patience and time.

③FPV requires FPV goggles, so if you have vertigo on the 3D screen, please consider whether it is appropriate to fly FPV.

Get started with FPV today

By the time you read this, I think you already know “what is a fpv drone”. Are you ready to start getting into FPV? Here we go!

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