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The 4 Best Micro Whoop Drone in 2023

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One of the greatest and most flexible methods for developing your fpv abilities is using little whoops! They are ideal for beginners because they are pre-built and often contain only a few components.

It might be difficult to realize how much information is accessible if you’re ready to begin your exploration into fpv drones. There is no better way to learn than to just dive in, even though you might not know where to begin.

Between the winter rain and snow, I think it’s unlikely that many people will be able to fly outside anytime soon. So most will choose the indoor whoop drone.Today we are going to discuss micro whoops,While you’re here, you’ll know all about it!

What is Micro Whoop Drone?

In my understanding, whoop drone is another variation of tiny whoop with the same round propeller guards.But it is larger in size and power than the tiny whoop.

Basic Analysis of Micro Whoops

Price – Compared to full-size FPV drones, the price is cheaper.

Toughness – It’s Very light and compact. They are capable of handling the crashes you will unavoidably experience as a newbie. By doing this, you will save the hassle of destroying components on larger drones, which frequently can’t withstand the same abuse.

Flying inside – The biggest challenge for drone pilots in the air is weather. It’s awful to plan a day of flying just to have it cancelled due to bad weather. You may fly them indoors or in a limited place at your pleasure because to their weight, size, and propeller guards.

Pre-built – Building a quad step by step might be intimidating for beginners. Concerns around compatibility and learning to weld are unnecessary.

Easy to replace components – It features an integrated flight controller. This is a single board that combines your FC, ESC, radio receiver, and video transmitter. For beginners, this makes it simple to remove and rebuild the quadcopter to learn about the separate parts.

Easy to match – If you order a bundle to fly (BNF) with the proper radio receiver, you may use the proper radio transmitter/controller (RTX) that you might already have, so no further equipment is required. You can bind it to all of your drones, from whoops to 5 inches, with the proper RTX.

High-quality graphics – You can get high quality video footage on hd whoops to meet your daily needs.

As a newbie, it might be difficult to sort through the apparently endless alternatives available. Instead of giving you too many options, I want to focus on the best of the best to make it easier for you to make a choice.

The Best Four Micro Whoop Drone
1.HAPPYMODEL Mobula7 1S Whoop

HAPPYMODEL Mobula7 1S Whoop

The Mobula6 is definitely most pilots favourite tiny whoop for beginners. But in 2022 they brought Mobula7 whoop drone, a huge update.

The canopy has been redesigned and weighs only 0.8 grams. The flight controller is brand new and it is called the x12 5-IN-1 AIO FC , which has a built-in spi express lrs receiver. These are all on one board with the benefit of being lighter and simpler to install. But when one component of your AIO FC is broken, you will have to buy a brand new AIO FC.

The motors are also new 0802 20000 kv motors,use a larger 1.5mm motor shaft, in general 1s whoop drones use a 1mm motor shaft for their motors, which is easy to break.

The 400mW VTX and ExpressLRS receiver allowed us to fly around the whole house without worrying about any signal issues. You get a good 5-6 minutes of flight time on the 1S 450mAh battery.


  • With a 75mm wheelbase this makes it super easy to fly indoors and through obstacles.
  • The PID tuning is excellent out of the box.


  • Unfriendly design for crossfire TX location

Price & Where to buy:

$158.99 on GETFPV

If this is your first drone, you must understand the bindings and how to use BetaFlight in order to use it, it does not work out of the box

2.BETAFPV Meteor65 1S Whoop 2022 Version

BETAFPV Meteor65 1S Whoop 2022 Version

It is an updated version of the first generation version, the main difference is that the strength of the frame (compared to the v1 version) is higher, and optimized the previous version many pilots feedback about the propeller will scrape the propeller guards, motor heating problems. The canopy is also redesigned with heat sink holes, and the camera angle can be adjusted.

The charger that comes with the box is also very good, it has a usb-c port on one side and supports fast charging, so the charging speed is fast. The other side is the battery socket, which can also measure the voltage of the battery.

It is 35mm propeller, motor is 0802 19500kv. 350mw vtx makes the flight distance wide (100m flight distance is easy), can fly 4 minutes 30 seconds.


  • Some great updates with this new version, such as frame, receiver and camera,motors..
  • It seems to handle indoors as well as out doors.


  • Compared to the previous FC with the ceramic antenna, the video feed was poorer.

Price & Where to buy:

$109.99 on Pyrodrone

3.EMAX TinyHawk II 75mm Whoop Drone

EMAX TinyHawk II 75mm Whoop Drone

I think the Emax Tinyhawk 2 is one of the best drones you are looking for to teach beginners.It performed very well both indoors in the house and on the light wind outdoor place.Bind it perfectly with your radio transmitter for an another learning experience. Of course,If you don’t have the controller and goggles, you can also purchase combo for beginners.

This quad is very flexible, durable and still works well even after hitting the ground many times. It can fly well around the house, through garage doors and windows.Flight time on the 450mAh 1s was about 2-3:30 minutes,So get some more props and 1s batteries, you’ll need them.

You can see a lot of reviews or guides about it on YouTube, so learning it makes it very easy.


  • Easy to set up and get started
  • Good quality drone build
  • Several of the well known pilots in this community on YT spoke so highly of this kit


  • Receiver range is poor and short

Price & Where to buy:

$129.99 on Pyrodrone

4.iFlight Alpha A75 HD Whoop

iflight alpha a75 HD Whoop

If you have the DJI remote and goggles, the iFlight Alpha A75 is the ideal solution.Of course you can also choose the A85 to get more power.

The iFlight Alpha A75 carries the DJI digital FPV system and uses the Caddx polar and without the battery on it weighs 67 grams.The iFlight Alpha A75 is using 40mm propellers and XING-E 1103 8000KV brushless motors. It flies around outside the house and has perfect reception without any problems,The flight time has been around 3 minutes with the 3S 450mAh battery.It is a good acro instructor for anyone who wants to learn how to fly fpv.


  • Perfect for HD whoop experience


  • Hard to find replacement parts readily available

Price & Where to buy:

$289.99 on Pyrodrone

Finally, when you know enough about whoop drone, I suggest you own one. For many pilots, the ability to fly a drone indoors in these cold winter months is reason enough to be compelling.Have comments about the drones above or want to throw another recommendation into the mix? Leave a comment below.


With over 4 years of experience working with drones and fpv and Item Training Manager. Ian West is known around the workplace as one of them technical professionals & actual an "FPV crazy person".

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