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How to use DJI O3 Air Unit to turn on the OSD information of the Goggles

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In November 2022, DJI released its latest digital video transmission system, DJI O3 Air Unit and DJI Goggles 2.

This generation of DJI O3 Air Unit supports Canvas Mode, which means that the goggles can display specific OSD information such as voltage, signal value, GPS coordinates, flight time, etc., which can help us better understand the status of the drone.

However, when you first get your hands on it, you need to additionally configure the tuning software, otherwise the OSD information will still not be displayed.

So in this article I will show you how to open the OSD information of the goggles.

How to use DJI O3 Air Unit to turn on the OSD information

What’s is Canvas Mode?

Canvas Mode is a feature that allows the flight controller to use the flight glasses display as a canvas for displaying flight control OSD information (e.g. battery voltage, distance flown, etc.) and allows the user to specify what OSD information is displayed and where on the screen when using the Betaflight Configurator. Compatible with Betaflight 4.3.0 or higher.

Step by Step

  1. Hardware connection: Connect one of the UART TX ports of the flight controller (assumed to be UART4) to the UART RX port of the DJI O3 Air Unit module.

  2. UART configuration: Open the Betaflight Configurator and enter the port interface. When finished, click Save and Restart.

  3. Command Line Configuration: In Betaflight Configurator, open the CLI command line interface and enter the following commands in order:

1) Set the OSD output device to MSP:

set osd_displayport_device = MSP

2) Set the serial port corresponding to the MSP display port to 3 (the value here should be the UART TX port number set to MSP mode minus 1)

set displayport_msp_serial = 3

3) Save this configuration at last

Through the above way, you can display OSD information on the glasses side, hope it will help you.


Q: The DJI O3 Air Unit is a self-contained radio receiver?

A: Yes, the included SBUS protocol receiver must be used with the DJI FPV 2 radio, but it is not very recommended, there is a chance that it will cause a loss of control. Therefore it is better to use an external receiver.

Q: If I use the DJI FPV Goggles V2, will the DJI O3 Air Unit be much clearer than the DJI FPV Air Unit?

A: With FPV Goggles V2, the clarity of both is about the same because O3 Air Unit supports 1080 pixels while DJI FPV Air Unit supports 720 pixels and the maximum resolution of the FPV Goggles V2 screen is only 810 pixels.

So you can’t get the O3 Air Unit clear enough to display with FPV Goggles V2, you have to use DJI Goggles 2 to get to 1080 pixels, only then it will be clearer.

Q: Can FPV Goggles V2 with O3 Air Unit display full OSD information?

A: Yes, but you can’t change the font. Only after Betaflight has been upgraded to 4.3.1 can the canvas mode be used to display the full OSD.

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