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Caddx Walnut

Caddx Walnut FPV Action Camera Review: Best Budget?

When it comes to training, pilots want a compact, high-quality, affordable, and drop-resistant action camera.

Today, let’s talk about Caddx’s latest action camera product, which will be released in the first half of 2023 – the Caddx Walnut Action Camera. With a size similar to the GoPro5 Session and a name inspired by its durability and compactness, it’s a top choice for pilots.

Caddx Walnut Action Camera

You need to know its basic specifications


  • Main Resolution:4K/60fps,4K/30fps(4/3),2.7K/60fps,2.7K/30fps(4/3), 1440P/60fps,1080p/120fps.
  • Power input: Type-C,2s-6s BEC, Magnet
  • Image Sensor:1/2.3inch HDR Sensor
  • Camera Bitrate: Max 100M bitrate
  • Recording time:4K/60fps (30min)
  • Video Encode: H264/H265
  • Dimension:38mm*36mm
  • Battery Capacity:600mA
  • EIS: Gyroflow supported
  • Model: CADDX Walnut
  • Video file format: MP4
  • Image Rotate: support
  • SD card: Max 256G
  • Audio: Supported
  • LANGUAGE: Auto
  • waterproof: IP64
  • Wifi: Supported
  • Weight:62.8g
  • FOV:150”

caddx walnut fpv camera_03


The discontinuation of the popular GoPro Session 5 has left FPV pilots looking for a replacement. The Caddx Walnut HD camera rises to the challenge, offering affordability and reliability without compromising on features.

With impressive 4K resolution and 60fps, the Caddx Walnut delivers stunning footage. Gyroflow stabilization ensures smooth and clear video, while its IP64 waterproof rating means it can withstand any weather.

Weighing just 60 grams and with a compact cube shape, it’s comparable in size to the GoPro Session. It shoots at 60fps in 4K and 120fps in sensor, with a wide 150-degree field of view.

Fitting it into normal Session mounts can be a bit of a challenge due to the protruding lens, but can be easily solved by sliding it in as usual. The camera has a USB-C slot and an SD card slot that supports up to 256GB for plenty of storage.

caddx walnut fpv camera_02

Package List

1x Caddx Walnut FPV Action Camera
1x Adjustable Camera Mount
1x Charging Cable
1x Thumb Screw
1x Camera Case
1x ND16 Filter
1x Lens Cloth
1x ND8 Filter
1x Cable Setcaddx walnut fpv camera package list

About Caddx Walnut HD camera


Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to find a compact storage bag included. The abundance of accessories inside the bag added to my excitement. The unit itself has a soft case with a standard adapter and two ND filters: ND8 and ND16. These filters, enclosed in a waterproof rubber ring, allow you to capture visually stunning slow shutter video with a sense of speed.

caddx walnut camera unboxing_01

Accessories include a magnetic charging base. Since the camera has a built-in battery that cannot be removed, it can be powered by the flight controller during flight. The magnetic base adapter allows for extended shooting sessions, overcoming the limitations of the camera’s compact size.

caddx walnut camera unboxing_02

The upper level of the storage box contains an accessory package consisting of a USB-C cable, base mounting screws, a wipe, and the flight control power and control module. By setting up a separate channel for the camera in Betaflight, you can control the camera directly with the remote control to start and stop recording.

Overall Design

The camera’s main unit features a sleek light gray design with a frosted plastic shell material, while the back is made of metal for efficient heat dissipation and enhanced durability. Weighing approximately 63g, the camera strikes a balance between portability and robustness.caddx walnut fpv camera overall designThe Walnut Action Camera has a 1/2.3-inch sensor and a built-in 600mAh battery. It supports Gyroflow stabilization for smooth footage.

Although it lacks a screen display, you can preview the screen by downloading the mobile app. The camera has two buttons on the top for power and mode selection. The indicator in the top left corner shows the recording resolution status, with a green light for 4K, blue for 2.7K, and cyan for 1440p and 1080p.

Image Quality

While the camera’s parameters support shooting in 4K at 60fps, the video quality also depends on the bit rate. Some capture devices may claim to support 4K, but if the bit rate is insufficient, the resulting video quality may be poor even at 4K resolution.

gopro9 vs insta360 go2 vs caddx walnut

Now we have a look at the camera’s image quality performance in real-world photos and videos.

Walnut camera Footage_03

Walnut camera Footage_02

Walnut camera Footage_01

Looking at the screenshots, it is clear that the Caddx Walnut camera excels at capturing high clarity and sharpness in 4K mode. The photos taken under favorable daylight conditions show remarkable clarity, vibrant color saturation, and a pleasing overall appearance.

When compared to the GoPro9 and Insta360 GO2 action cameras, the Walnut camera shows minimal differences in image quality, making it suitable for everyday use.

In addition, the Walnut hd camera offers post-stabilization functionality. By updating to the latest version of Gyroflow and importing the recorded video into the Walnut 4K action camera software, the software automatically detects the parameters and performs the necessary calculations, resulting in smooth and stabilized footage.

Gyroflow stabilized

With improved stability, the footage has increased image tension and slight color blending, creating a cinematic look that is ideal for aerial photography and capturing compelling moments.



Caddx provides comprehensive wiring diagram descriptions, including detailed instructions for the power and multi-function buttons, ensuring clear and easy to follow guidance for users.wiring


Priced at $139, the Caddx Walnut Action Camera offers excellent value with the inclusion of two ND filters, support for magnetic charging, and compatibility with remote flight control. Its compact 63g weight supports 4K resolution, while the built-in gyroscope ensures stability.

With a recording bit rate of up to 100 megabytes per second, this camera delivers remarkable image performance, making it ideal for daily practice and FPV flight video sharing.

However, there are a few minor inconveniences in the usage process.

Firstly, the lack of a built-in screen makes it less user-friendly as you cannot easily view the parameters while shooting.

Second, there are concerns about heat dissipation and recording time in 4K mode. Although it can record for up to 30 minutes, the camera can get warm. However, this can be solved by using the magnetic cable with the flight control, which is not a big issue for FPV pilots.

Also, the camera has no built-in stabilization, so it’s important to make sure your drone is in good condition and to minimize any shaking. Alternatively, you can use the powerful Gyroflow for post-processing to get excellent results.

Do you think this Walnut is the best budget square 4k hd camera? You can tell your thoughts in the comments!

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